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Richard Cross has more than forty years experience in bank security as corporate security director, consultant to banks and credit unions, expert witness, and as the nation’s only bank security author with current and relevant published manuals on best bank security practices and procedures.

Bank of New York. Vice President and Director of Bank Security responsible for:

Bank Protection Act compliance


Bank Secrecy Act compliance and Currency Transaction Reporting


Internal security controls to prevent wire transfer and check fraud, and embezzlement


Investigation of white-collar and violent crime committed against the bank, its employees and customers


Served as the bank’s security representative at the New York Clearing Association

Risk Management Group Inc. Principal and owner, providing services to the financial community.

Engaged as consultant to more than forty financial institutions, including Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), First National Bank of Chicago and National Bank of Detroit (now First Chicago), North Carolina National Bank (now Bank of America), SunTrust Bank, First Interstate Banc Systems, First Tennessee Bank, Banco Real, and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (Central Bank of Saudi Arabia)


Engaged as a bank security expert providing discovery investigation and/or testimony support in more than 100 litigation matters involving bank security and fraud. Clients have included Citibank, Diebold Inc, Western Beaver County Penn. School District, and the FDIC.


Engaged to develop and present bank security training for the American Bankers Association, the Bank Administration Institute, the BAI School for Bank Administration at the University of Wisconsin, the Mexican Bankers Association, and Russian and Central American Banks.